Monday, January 17, 2022

Maun Centenary Celebrations flop

The Maun centenary celebrations which were scheduled to take place in 2015 flopped amid heightened differences between members of the organising committee. The committee which had been entrusted to organise the 2015 celebrations was dissolved and a new committee was appointed to organise the 2016 celebrations which will be held in the second quarter when the village turns 101 years.

The Chairperson of Ngamiland Advisory Board Tshematshe Monwela expressed disappointment with the first committee for its failure to involve the District Commissioner’s office. He said mistakes were bound to happen since they did not involve the DC’s office. 

“There was no way we were going to work with government departments without authority from the DC as she coordinates everything, events included. That is why we found it relevant to step in and ensure that past mistakes are not repeated. However, I have enough confidence in the new committee and so much hopeful that they will not embarrass us,” he said.

Since Ngamiland is considered a multi cultured community, Monwela mentioned that they plan to have the celebrations annually as this will revive the culture.

The Vice Chairperson of the new committee Baagi Mogalakwe told The Telegraph that preparations are expected to commence any day even though the exact date for the celebrations is yet to be discussed. She called on companies and individuals alike to come forward and offer any form of assistance so as to make the day a success.


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