Monday, August 15, 2022

Mayor pleads with MoH to urgently attend to Nyangabwe Hospital

The Mayor of Francistown, Shadrack Nyeku, has called on the Ministry of Health to urgently attend to the situation at Nyangabwe Referral Hospital as the health institution is currently in shambles.

During a full council meeting on Monday, it emerged that the Mayor was seriously concerned by overcrowding of patients, shortage of drugs and the shortage of staff, which, in turn, compromises the health of patients.

“There are currently 60 vacant nursing posts at the hospital and this seriously hinders service to patients,” the Mayor said.

Nyeku went on to point out that, currently, the staff at the hospital is overworked and over-stretched, which in turn compromises their health and also results in sick days off and loss of man hours.

The mayor went on to stress that transport is another major challenge at the hospital as patients are transported to Mahalapye District Hospital daily for orthopedic services or to Gaborone for operations and investigations and oncology(cancer) treatments at Gaborone Private Hospital or Princess Marina.

“Psychiatric patients are transported to Lobatse and other patients to the Republic of South Africa and with only four vehicles, which are at times off the road, this poses a real challenge,” Nyeku added.

Among other issues with regard to the hospital, the Mayor told the full council that North East District is facing a mammoth task of shortage of drugs, adding that presently the drug availability at Nyangabwe Hospital is far from the set target.

“At present the availability of vital drugs is 77.1 percent, essential drugs, 72.8 percent and necessary drugs, 54.3 percent the target for all the mentioned percentage is 97 percent, which shows that we are far off target,” the mayor told the full council.

He went on to stress that the issue of overcrowding at the hospital will seriously bring repercussions of infection risks and things like hygiene at the hospital will be compromised. The Mayor went on to add that the delivery of health care services under these circumstances becomes a huge challenge because it is difficult to examine patients who are sleeping on floors.

“I am pleading with the councilors to help in sensitizing the Ministry of Health to attend to the health crisis in Nyangabwe Referral Hospital,” he said.


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