Friday, June 21, 2024

MDCB emerges from the shadows to take the lead role in investigating BCL accident

Minerals Development Company Botswana will take the lead in assisting the minister of minerals in investigating the accident in BCL mine that killed four people and injured six other.

The little known MDCB is a company that was created by Botswana Government to take ownership of government stake in mining operations.

A statement from MDC says it is important that a thorough understanding of what happened is established.

The Chief Executive of MDCB, Paul Smith he has noted that the incident has occurred at a time when BCL is undergoing serious strain due to depressed metal prices which have affected all base metals producers across the World.

“While we are fully aware of the intensity of mining operations and the inherent risk, the health and safety of all the employees is paramount,” says Smith.

“We note that BCL has a competent management team to lead the operation but it is important that we fully understand the issues that led to this incident and that appropriate action is taken. “

MDCB as mandated by Botswana Government will take the lead and support the Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, in implementing an external and independent specialist investigation of the incident, according to Smith.

“We announce that this investigation will be undertaken and managed by RSV Consulting Engineers who are specialists in Shaft design, construction, operations, and the associated infrastructure. RSV is a global leader in this field and has conducted similar investigations at other operations around the world.”

Smith has pledged his support to BCL management during this time.

“Mining production operations at the affected shaft have been discontinued until investigations are concluded and the Department of Mines have given permission for mining to resume.”

The investigations company, RSV Group, founded in 1991 is said to be a leading engineering and project management group of companies serving the mining, metallurgical and industrial markets.


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