Saturday, June 22, 2024

Mean poaching teams to be turned to dust


Teams that develop players will no longer suffer from poaching teams without compensation for expenses incurred during development stage.

The Botswana Football Association Technical Director (BFA TD), Serame Letsoaka is adamant that there will be coordination and registering of young players to appear in the FIFA list.

Poaching will be the thing of the past the BFA TD is adamant that the unsporting behavior will no longer a worrisome thing because laws will be implemented accordingly.

Letsoaka observed teams that have developed players from a young age were discouraged because players were taken freely from them without any monetary compensation.

“We are going to coordinate everything and all players will be registered like in all leagues. Once coordinated BFA will be able to guide as to which player is from which team and the compensation will be according to the FIFA statues” explained Letsoaka.

Letsoaka observed that once development is coordinated and young players’ registered a team that would recruit the player would have to follow the procedure of recruitment and registering.

The teams that have been doing development in their clubs have since been discouraged by “poachers” who were snatching players from them for free.

The BFA statues failed to protect them despite some complains for them.

Notwane, Uniao Flamengo Santos and BDF XI were some of the teams that were passionate about youth development.

They ended up losing talented players to teams that only gave them registration fee as opposed to compensation.

Notwane also lost players to other teams in the likes of Pontsho Moloi and his younger brother Dirang Moloi. The duo were talented players who have brought glory to the teams they recruited them without paying the required development compensation.

Mogakolodi Tsotso Ngele is one of the players who went to Township Rollers and the latter did not pay compensation to Santos for developing him. The player is currently playing in South African elite league, ABSA premiership.


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