Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Media challenged to lead the productivity vanguard

Botswana National Productivity Centre (BNPC) is taking its productivity awareness campaign to new heights and the media have been invited to the party.

BNPC Executive Director Tembo Lebang, said the media have a huge role in not only ensuring the success of the awareness campaign but in also being the leaders in the change of mindset at own work place.

He said, as BNPC, they are convinced working hand in hand with the media could bring about considerable changes in ongoing initiatives to improve the country’s competitiveness through productivity.

Speaking at the press conference held at the centre in Gaborone, Executive Director Lebang said, for the past two to three years, the centre has been engaged in initiatives aimed at productivity and competitiveness.

Progress has been slow, but they are beginning to see results, he said.

“Working together with the media will surely bring about considerable change in productivity and competitiveness in the country as the latter will pass the message to the nation. Thus BNPC finds the media as a strategic partner with a productive drive. If BNPC is wrong the media should advise,” he said.

He challenged the media to become the vanguards of productivity movement in Botswana.

“Being in partnership with the media is not enough. We would like to see the media carrying the productivity band at the front,” he said.

The executive director further informed reporters that the centre is mandated with the task of enlightening the public on productivity related initiatives and bringing about tools and techniques that will stand the test of time.

He encouraged individuals to be at the forefront.


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