Monday, April 22, 2024

Mexican Girls football club target girl child

Kweneng based football ladies team, Mexican Girls, is embarking on an ambitious programme of developing women football across the country.

As part of their efforts to develop the game across the country the team is targeting neglected rural villages where they intend to introduce the sport code. The campaign will also be targeting the girl child under the campaign tag, “SAVE THE GIRL CHILD.”

Mexican Girls held a fundraising father’s day tournament at the weekend to prepare itself  for 2018-19 campaign, “SAVE THE GIRL CHILD.”

The campaign is aimed at improving the lives of young girls who are vulnerable to many dangers and other social ills.

The head coach of the club, Oaitse Moeti observed that “In today’s world the girl child faces many social ills such as sexual abuse, illiteracy, drug and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, gender discrimination and pressure from social media trends.

According to Moeti, “The challenges mentioned need to be curbed at an early stage before the lives of many young girls are ruined. All these challenges have triggered us to come up with an initiative that will offer support through sport.”

The campaign’s other objective is to advocate for equal rights and opportunities for the girl child in the society.

“We aim to promote sports and education in rural areas, by hosting football tournaments and helping to form football teams in those villages to show that even a girl child is more capable and allowed to play football and nurture their talent,” he added.

Moeti further explained that their intervention is to assist where they can because often the problems faced by girls are compounded by poverty. “Some girls have talent in sport but due to their social background they could not enrol in sport because the parents cannot afford the expenses that come with sport,” Moeti added.

Though the Mexican Girls team is embarking on the campaign to help the girls, Moeti noted the team is faced with financial constraints to execute their sympathetic gesture hence they organised a fundraising event in order to raise funds for the SAVE THE GIRL CHILD campaign.

“Our main challenge in making the campaign a reality is finance. The trips we plan to embark on around the country visiting villages to achieve our mandate requires financial muscle,” said Moeti.  Another fundraising activity include beauty contest for the ladies in football, as such Moeti said it is a call to other stakeholders to work with them as it takes a village to raise a child.

Despite challenges they faced, Moeti is optimistic that they will find sponsors and carry on with the initiative. “We will continue organise fundraising activities in order to realise the plan,” he said.

The similar initiative was organised in India in 2015 and it was named “Beti bachao, Beti Padhao”, translated to save the girl child and educate the girl child.


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