Thursday, June 13, 2024

Mfa, Pheto clash over expulsion of expatriates

Labour and Home Affairs Minister, Moeng Pheto and his Assistant, Olifant Mfa are on a collision course over the controversial expulsion of expatriates from Botswana.

Pheto has already reversed a decision by Mfa to withdraw the work and residence permit of a Mohan Mines General Manager in Northern Botswana.
Pheto is also understood to be in the process of reversing another decision by Mfa to withdraw work and residence permits of a Cresta manager earlier this year.

Mfa confirmed this week that his decision to fire a Mophane mine manager has been overruled but would not discuss by whom.
The Sunday Standard has information that Pheto is the one who reversed Mfa’s decision.
The clash between the two is expected to split the parliament back bench where most MPs are calling for tough action against expatriates who flout Botswana labour laws.

Apparently buoyed by the strong support he is receiving from the back bench, Mfa insisted this week that he will continue withdrawing permits of expatriates who abuse Batswana’s hospitality.
Mfa has been approached by a number of MPs, among them Botswana National Front President and Official Leader of Opposition Otsweletse Moupo, Mogoditshane MP Patrick Masimolole and Gaborone North MP Keletso Rakhudu to take action against foreign investors in their constituencies, who are allegedly flouting labour laws.


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