Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Might this be time up for under-fire Masters?

The time the current regime led by Sebego came into office in July 2012, one of their main tasks was to get a CEO who would help in their drive to commercialise football and bring more sponsors into the game.

Their justification on the appointment of little known Masters was that he had been in the game for long and knew what it took to ‘propose’ to business people. With the Coca-Cola Cup no longer sponsoring the FA Cup, there was hope that Masters would give it first priority. To date, there is no big sponsorship which has come while he still takes home P72, 000 in monthly salary.

While many people have complained to the executive that the man is useless, Sebego decided to keep faith in him. Last month, Masters is said to have pushed Sebego to the limit and sources indicate that if Tebego had his way, he could have sent Masters packing. The sale of three BFA vehicles to the total amount of P26, 300 has not helped matters.

While Sebego is enjoying the African Nations Cup in Equatorial Guinea, Masters stooped to an all time low in the past week when he was brought before the police on allegations of engaging in pornographic activities. It’s said that when the police raided his office, condoms and Viagra were found. Masters is expected back in the office tomorrow after spending a few days on leave.

While the executive committee is waiting for their boss to come back from the continental showpiece to decide on Masters’ future, some of key stakeholders in the game say his time at the Football headquarters is up. “The allegations leveled against Masters are not good for the game. The sponsors are complaining because they cannot do business with people who lack integrity. I don’t see him staying here,” said a source.

Tswapong region official Fobby Radipotsane said BFA top brass did a mistake by thinking that Masters is the right man for the job. “He is here for a holiday when he gets paid at the end of the month. He has shown a lot of unprofessionalism since he came here. The allegations of being involved in porn acts further show that he could have long been kicked out,” said Radipotsane. The experienced football administrator added that he was shown the door in a number of executive meetings as he could not furnish the board with any useful information.

Radio Botswana journalist Tiroyaone Lepotokisi shared the same sentiments with the football community that Masters has failed. “The fact that he has remained on the job for this long goes to show that even the BFA leadership is incompetent. Sebego has put himself under pressure because he was so defensive about his appointment,” said Lepotokisi. Francistown region chairman Jonas Ikgopoleng said that Masters has done nothing to their satisfaction. He said that their expectation was that the CEO would liaise with them time and again about regional football, but instead he has been very difficult.

“When you talk to him about regional football, he’s so empty which goes to show that he is not the man for the job. On the issue of pornography we’re awaiting the next executive meeting so that we get the full report on what happened,” said Ikgopoleng. BFA acting president Marshlow Motlogelwa said it is early to decide on the future of Masters because he is still away on leave. “As soon as he reports back on Monday, I’ll meet with him to understand what could have happened.


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