Friday, August 12, 2022

Migration of athletes to the South negates North region’ ÔÇô BNSC

The Chairman of the Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC), Dr Daniel Tau, has expressed concern over talented athletes who leave the north region for the capital city in search of greener pastures, which then retards the performance of sports in the north region.

During the BNSC’s annual general meeting in Francistown last weekend, Tau indicated that Francistown has an abundance of talent, but most of these athletes leave Francistown and base their careers in Gaborone.

“The City of Francistown has many talented youths in Sports but my only concern is that these athletes end up leaving for the South Region,” he said. Tau also added that due to these players migrating to Gaborone, there is poor performance of sports in the North Region. He said that there is need by the BNSC to give more support to players in the Northern Region, also stressing that if BNSC had decentralized its services 15 years ago, the Northern Region would be well ahead in sports.
Tau pleaded with the people in the north to also play an active role to uplift themselves.

“There is an abundance of talent in the North Region and there is just a need to nurture that talent,” he said that Tutume and Masunga villages are a clear example of where athletes are thriving.

Tau called for leaders in the region to encourage sports among the youth and to also play a much active role.


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