Monday, May 27, 2024

Million dollar dream down the drain

Local traditional group, Dikakapa’s one million u$ dollar dream has recently crumbled to pieces as they saw Nigerian group’s T-square walking away with the prize money.

The boys had left for Burkina Faso to fulfil their quest of wining the All Africa Kora award and they are expected back on Thursday. The group had been nominated on the international stage for best Southern African artist or group and they stood a chance of pocketing u$1 000 000.00 cash prize.

According to Marketing Executive of Duma FM, Vincent Tiro, T-square the group that won the award was not present at the ceremony.

“It has been procedure all along that if the winning group is not present at the event, then the runner up automatically becomes the winner but I guess this year s event was different, “said Tiro.
He said that although the voting lines were supposed to be closed at Saturday midnight, which is when the top 4 would be chosen, the boys were reportedly chosen with three other groups to perform. They automatically thought that this meant they were in the top 4.After midnight they were still kept in the dark. Only when they had finished performing were they told that the winner was absentee T-square, “said Tiro.

Dikakapa had received overwhelming support from Batswana in general. One of the country’s local private radio station, Duma FM has recently revealed that it had sponsored traditional group, Dikakapa with group airtime sponsorship to the tune of P100 000 in order to further their chances of winning the Kora award.

Their travelling expenses were sponsored by the Ministry of Youth sports and culture. Members of parliament and well wishers have donated P25 000 to the group. The Kora awards, which were founded by Ernest Adjovi, are famous for their commercial appeal in and out of Africa.
According to Alfred Busang, Duma FM station manager, they had realised that even though the group was getting support from other media houses, there was still a gap to fill in terms of addressing current issues surrounding the build up to the big day.

“we decided that we needed to encourage people to vote for Dikakapa, so as part of the sponsorship deal we produced and aired a radio advert with detailed information on how people can vote for Dikakapa and help them realise their dream, “said Busang.


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