Thursday, June 13, 2024

Minister briefs Chiefs on proposed merger

The Assistant Minister of Education, Keletso Rakhudu, and the other officials from his department on Monday addressed the House of Chiefs about the Human Resources Advisory Council (HRAC).

The system is expected to merge the Tertiary Education Council (TEC) and Botswana Training Authority (BOTA) and allow easy planning, funding and recording.

Rakhudu explained that, after completion of studies, the education system should allow students to be competitive in other countries.

“The National Qualification Frame Work is important to enable our country together with other countries to have the same level of measuring in education” said Rakhudu.

He said the challenges they have are that there is no linkage between employer and schools.

Abel Mudungwa, an official from the Advisory Council emphasised that to check if the system (HRAC) is working, there shall be a reduction of the foreigners in most fields of work.

“Schools need to be supportive even after the students have graduated till they acquire a full job,” said Mudungwa, adding that a lifelong learning cycle must be ensured without forgetting that research also is very critical in the making up for all problems caused.

Mudungwa stated that the Government can also spend less if the retired elders could be roped in to be advisors, not on a full time basis, so that no one comes from outside to be a consultant.

“What I mean is that the retiring people are well experienced and, given the opportunity, could be of importance,” said Mudungwa.

He said that from these retirees, Botswana was losing intelligent brains.

The Chiefs were concerned that the returning retirees might block opportunities for upcoming youths but it was explained to them that they would not be working full time.

The Chiefs were also concerned with the tendency of non implementation after coming up with good plans.

Mudungwa said even the Internship programme gives graduates work experience so that when a job is advertised and there is experience needed they could also apply.
The Chiefs stated the need to start nurturing students from preÔÇôschool.


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