Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Minister Mokaila blows P300 000 on home furniture

Records from the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Board indicate that even as Government is struggling to raise money to sponsor students for enrollment at the University of Botswana, the state was able to purchase P300 000 worth of furniture for Environment Minister, Kitso Mokaila.
The tender, which was approved by PPADB, was awarded to Mandarin Business Furniture.

Some of the furniture items bought for Minister Mokaila include a four-piece master bedroom suite for P36┬á000, a 12-seater executive dining room suite for P30┬á000, a 2-metre wall mirror going for P13, 000, a “Grandfather” clock fetching P11┬á000 and a television cabinet for children’s room with a price tag of P5┬á900.

Records indicate that Mokaila bought a total of 26 household furniture items through the state coffers.

Interestingly, a further request for an increase in the purchase price by 10 percent in favour of a company going by the name of J&G Manufacturers was made ÔÇô a request that was, however, rejected by PPADB.

At the time of going to press, the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism, Samuel Rathedi, had not responded to enquiries by The Sunday Standard whether the P300 000 price tag was the going rate for all cabinet ministers’ furniture.

PPADB would neither say what furniture was bought for the minister nor what informed the decision to request for a waiver.

The Board would also not say if there is a threshold ceiling for ministers’ furniture.
“We can only be able to access the minutes of the Board sitting to secure the actual reasons for rejection at the time of adjudication in 2005 next week,” said PPADB Public Relations Manager, Ditapole Chibua-Tsheboeng.

She, however, confirmed that the Board had rejected the request for 10 percent price adjustment, which had happened within three months of goods purchase.


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