Friday, March 31, 2023

Ministry suspends issuance of work permits at a school in Lobatse

The Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs has confirmed that it has suspended the issuance of work permits to foreign teachers in Botswana.

Investigations carried by the Sunday Standard have revealed that the government is planning to expel foreign teachers at the Crescent School, the majority of whom are foreigners.

Sometime ago, the school was informed to come up with a localization plan but the school dragged its feet in coming up with a proper plan.

Osesenaqa Lekgoko, Assistant Manager, Communications, Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs, has confirmed the suspension of issuing of work permits at Crescent School in Lobatse without giving further details.

She said the school had submitted the localization plan to the ministry but no discussions with the school had taken place yet.

“I am fully aware of the problems that are prevailing at the school but I have spoken to Peter Siele, the Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, who assured me that he will send a delegation to investigate what is going on at the school,” said Nehemiah Modubule, the Member of Parliament for Lobatse.

He said although he was not given any time frame in which the findings will be completed, he was optimistic that the findings will not take a long time, so that appropriate action can be taken.

“The ministry cannot allow a situation where by a particular school hires hundred percent non citizens while citizens are jobless,” said Keletso Rakhudu, the Assister Minister of Education and Skills Development.

He said there are many Batswana teachers who are unemployed, therefore they should be offered job opportunities.

But Albert Nuertey, the Acting School Head, said in a brief interview that he was not aware that the Ministry Of Labour had suspended issuing work permits at his school.

“If they have done so, they have not told us,” he said.

Nuertey said that there are 18 secondary school teachers and out of that is a Motswana who teaches local language while, in the primary school, there are 17 non citizens and 9 locals.

He confirmed that the school had recently submitted the localization plan to the ministry but had not yet received a response.


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