Friday, July 1, 2022

Miscellaneous back to stay or just passing through?

Surviving in the Premier League is undoubtedly a tall order.

It takes more than good players or big financial muscle to remain in the league. Using new player from the lower division is even worse because they lack experience.
Already Serowe side Miscellaneous has booked their place in the Premier League after close to three decades in the lower division.

The Serowe side bounced back after three years of so near but not near enough.
The past three years should serve as the most taxing for the team but with patience they ended up making it.

For two years they were in the promotional playoffs only to fail in the last stages. Last season was the most distressful for the team.

Their road to the Premier League was clear only for the unprofessional behavior of Mogoditshane Fighters who shattered their dreams.
Miscellaneous only needed a draw from their last promotional match and their rivals, Jwaneng Comets, needed a victory of seven goals.

Comets ended up scoring an avalanche of 13 goals in a match Fighters did not take seriously at all.
Fighters used an in-field player at the goalposts while the goalkeeper was allowed to play inside. This led to speculation among soccer circles that Fighters and Comets connived to fix the match so that Miscellaneous did not make it.

Unfortunately for Miscellaneous, they lost their last match against Comets by a solitary goal, thus condemning them to the First Division.

It was only this season that Miscellaneous managed to get an automatic promotion after winning the First Division North.

They did not even start the first round on a positive note but managed to get their house in order in the second round.

They are now in the ‘dog eat dog’ league where many teams from the lower division come and go in one season. Typical example of teams that only got one season taste of the Premier League include the likes of Naughty Boys, Orapa Wanderers, Blue Diamonds, Great North Tigers, Mosquito and many others.

Even those teams that got promoted last season are not safe at all and might get relegated back to the First Division.

The two teams are Ramotswa-based side, Killer Giants, Jwaneng Comets and Palapye side, Motlakase.
Comets are a yo-yo side because they are always in and out the Premier League. They seem not to learn the survival tips of the Premier League. Soccer pundits wonder what it is that Miscellaneous is going to do differently from those that stayed for only a season only to bounce back the following year.

Team coach, Teenage Mpote, is however optimistic of the team’s survival in the Premier League. He told Sunday Standard that the technical side needs only a few reinforcements and then they can take the Premier League by storm.

“I have been in this game of football for some time and know what it takes to survive and win. I believe that I have good players who can survive in the Premier League and the team needs only a few reinforcements. If you can look back, this team has been consistent for the past three seasons and it shows you the quality and commitment. What is needed the most is for the management to seriously awaken the support structures of the team,” he said.

Before coaching Miscellaneous, Mpote was with Tasc where he was doing well until his retirement from the army.


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