Friday, January 15, 2021

Miss Vision 2016 (2012) countdown, is on the cards

The first annual Miss Vision 2016 (2012) countdown is on the cards. According to a press release from the organisers, the event is not just a beauty pageant but an edutainment platform to educate Batswana about the realisation of the national vision.

Research (according to vision 2016) has shown that Batswana are living the vision but they are not seeing it, which presents mixed feelings about its realization. The objective of the event, therefore, is to find the missing link (living but not seeing) by running a robust educational campaign using the event properties.

The event is organized by Kiss Africa Entertainment, in collaboration with the Vision 2016 Council. A lot has been achieved since the vision inception. However, Kiss Africa has observed that Batswana are not really living and seeing the vision, and hence the birth of the Miss Vision 2016 countdown initiative.

The event’s main objective is to promote the realization of the national vision and educate Batswana about the vision. The project is designed to transform the youth of Botswana to embrace and live the vision through their day to day lives. It is intended to provide education and skills and to empower the youth to live and see the vision. When the event concludes, Batswana, especially the youth will live and see the vision.

Auditions of the event are in progress.

Francistown and Palapye attracted about 10 girls this weekend and the campaign is going strong for Tsabong (April 7 at Mokha Lodge), Gaborone (April 14 at Cresta President), Lobatse (April 15 at Cumberland).

“So far, we are getting a lot of support from the public and the private sector,” said the statement. “Cresta Botsalo in Palapye and Adansonia Hotel in Francistown sponsored the auditions, and Zaini Investments, cellphone retailers based in Rail Park are sponsoring the prizes for the winners. The pageant is of international standards in terms of the requirements and the only difference is that the winner must also be very conversant with the national vision.”

There will be prizes for the winners, as well as prizes per pillar, that means there are lots of prizes to be won through the Sponsor A Pillar Campaign.

Towards the finals, the girls will do Vision 2016 projects and present to a panel of judges from various sectors of the economy. The winner will be the education ambassador of the vision and will educate youth, especially primary school kids, about the realization of the vision.

The final is scheduled for June 2 at G.I.C.C and top local artists will perform at the event.


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