Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Mmolotsi urges workers to unite

Workers have been urged to unite and speak with one voice so that they can better advocate for their rights.

This was said by Francistown South Member of Parliament Wynter Mmolotsi last week during the Labour Day celebrations in Francistown.

Mmolotsi urged workers from both the private and public sector to unite, saying that they should be vigilant in their fight for their rights, lest they are exploited by the employer. He said that workers must negotiate on an equal footing with the employer.

He urged them to choose political candidates who will better represent their interests.
“You must affiliate with the right political parties that share your vision and will represent your interests,” he said.

Mmolotsi also urged employees to regularly engage their employers, and advocate for salary increments and better benefits to mitigate against the VAT increase and inflation.

He also expressed concern at government’s continued sacking of public servants without a hearing.
“Civil servants are no longer safe in their jobs. What happened to the normal procedures of giving employees, warnings and hearings before sacking them?” he asked.

He warned workers about employers and leaders who use divisive tactics to polarize the work force, saying that such people will only weaken the power they possess as employees.

“Workers should also avoid bootlicking because it is useless,” he said.
Mmolotsi urged workers to fight for their rights and never allow themselves to be threatened and intimidated.


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