Thursday, March 30, 2023

MOA processing special ISPAAD applications

The Ministry of Agriculture has received 220 applications under the special ISPAAD which the government has started in Kgalagadi, Ghanzi and Western Kweneng area to cater for farmers who are not benefitting from the current arable scheme because of arid conditions in the areas.

This was revealed by the Principal Public Relations Officer in the MOA, Balosang Mmusi. “I can confirm that we have received 220 applications from the areas covered by the scheme and we are currently processing them,” he said.

The work of processing the applications, he said, is at times time-consuming because they sometimes have to send back the applications requesting for additional information that they find lacking in the forms.

However, he said they hope those who have applied will soon start receiving the assistance they have applied for.

Under the scheme, farmers who have not benefited from any other government scheme and own around 200 herd of cattle will be assisted to buy karakul sheep or ordinary sheep.

Others will be assisted with up to P120,000 to either construct dams or install already existing boreholes.

At the same time, small farmers will be assisted to buy karakul, ordinary sheep goats, tswana chickens or guinea fowls to grow water melons under conservation agriculture.

The special ISPAAD was a result of residents of the affected areas appealing to government for a special programme to be set up for them as they were not benefiting from the current one because of arid conditions in their area.

Last season government spent P80 m on the ISPAAD project.


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