Saturday, June 22, 2024

MoA says enough ear cattle tags will be available by early next year

The Ministry of Agriculture says it has commenced the process of procuring ear tags, which are to be used to replace bolus for cattle identification scheduled to start in the first quarter of next year.

Boitumelo Rabasha, the MoA’s Public Relations Officer said that they are confident that by the time the programme starts during the first quarter of next year, they will have enough stock to sell to the farmers.

“We are confident we will have enough stock of ear tags at affordable prices to sell to farmers in the first quarter of the year,” she said, adding that the good thing about the ear tags is that farmers will be able to insert them on their cattle on their own as doing so does not need technical skills as was the case with bolus.

“We are glad that the system will be user friendly as compared to bolus which needed technical knowledge and assistance from our staff,” said Rabasha.

After insertion of tags, she said farmers will be requested to forward all information regarding the numbers of cattle and brands that were inserted in cattle to the Ministry for monitoring purposes.

On whether EU accepts this type of cattle identification, Rabasha said that they have not expressed any misgivings about the system to them on the use of the system.

The idea of inserting cattle with ear tags follows after there were regular complaints by farmers that the bolus system was not working accordingly as it took time for the MoA to attend to requests to carry out the exercise at their cattle posts and farms, amongst other things.

The European Union had, as a result of failure of cattle identification mechanism and hygiene in the country’s abattoirs, delisted Botswana from its markets for close to a year.


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