Sunday, April 11, 2021

Moatlhaping’s transfer opens door for Ramatebele

Glamour Sports’ director, Comfort ‘Big Fish’ Ramatebele, has revealed that his company’s recent involvement in the transfer of Mochudi Centre Chiefs’ striker Moemedi ‘Jomo’ Moatlhaping served as an eye opener to him. Moatlhaping recently joined South African First Division side Bay United at an estimated fee of P100,000.

Ramatebele is the only agent in Botswana recognised by soccer’s world governing body, FIFA.
When he was finally granted his certificate some months ago, many people doubted Ramatebele’s credentials but he is optimistic that Moatlhaping’s transfer has opened doors for him.

“Jomo is our biggest catch right now, more especially that his transfer involved two football associations. I want to believe that having managed to successfully transfer Jomo, we’re capable of pulling out many more. All the dynamics of transferring a player were eye-opening in our aspirations going forward,” he said.

Ramatebele said that their biggest break came after Bay United coach David Bright told him that his side is looking for a quality striker who will help in scoring goals for the club. It is for this reason that Ramatebele approached Chiefs’ chairman, Ernest Molome, who is said to have been very professional in the whole deal.

“When going through the process of this transfer, I’ve learnt that if you apply yourself in a professional manner, things go smoothly for you. Chiefs, Bay United and the player made our task very simple. I remain indebted to Chiefs’ management in the manner in which they dealt with the transfer of the player,” added Ramatebele.

He pleaded with other local clubs to come on board so that Glamour Sports can help in soliciting international moves for their players.

“Most of our clubs have not approached me to help market their players but I think in no time, they’ll come forward. Apart from Chiefs, only three clubs, GU, BDF XI and Township Rollers have approached me for my services,” the outspoken agent said.

He is confident that since Botswana has qualified for the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) in Equatorial Guinea and Gabon, his company is likely to be involved in the transfer of other local players who might catch the eye of international scouts.

He has advised local players to have their own profiles in place so that when international clubs come calling, they would be ready.

“We intend to be at AFCON because come the end of the tournament, Zebras’ players will be a different entity. We’re not desperate to convince any player to sign with us but being at the tournament will help us in creating relationships with international clubs and agents,” he continued. The only challenge Glamour Sports is facing at the moment is that of finances. His company has not been able to attract financers but he remains hopeful that things will be fine in the near future.

“Being a football agent, it involves a lot of travelling, so we need to have enough funds to achieve that. Right now we’re talking to banks to see if they can’t help and we’re keeping our fingers crossed,” he said. Once they get the necessary funds, Glamour Sports intend to launch their company where they are likely to invite some established agents.


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