Friday, December 1, 2023

Moatlhodi takes EVM head on

The former Member of Parliament for Tonota, Pono Moatlhodi on Sunday evening advised the leadership of Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) to write a letter to the International Criminal Court, reporting the Botswana government for its decision to impose Electronic Voter Machines on electorates.  

“I know that Rre Khama will be infuriated, and that will be fine because he has to know our position. I discussed it with Kentse Nchi Rammidi. And he suggested that as opposition we should boycott elections. This would be wrong as they (BDP) would go ahead with elections and then claim victory. We should take it to the streets. Write placards and march to Office of the President. Khama will command soldiers to shoot and kill us and that will be fine because future generations will subsequently live well,” said Moatlhodi to thunderous response of a packed political rally in Tlokweng on Sunday.

He also advised the UDC leadership that in as much as UDC does not condone lawlessness, what the police have adopted recently of brutally beating students is uncalled for. The UDC leadership should therefore arrange a meeting with the Police Commissioner on their acts of brutality on the people they should protect.

“Children were promised by leaders in 2014 that should they elect and return BDP to power, they would be employed, that is not happening, and when the same youth march to enquire at parliament they are met with police brutality. I understand even the expectant mothers were beaten. The same thing was done on the University of Botswana students. I even heard one of them saying it on radio that she was harassed by police who went to the extent of touching the private parts, so that the police would find out the gender of the student. This should not be done,” said Moatlhodi. 

As for the Batlokwa, Moatlhodi advised them through the candidate who was introduced at the rally, Masego Segokgo to demand royalties for their land which the tribe gave to government for the building of Gaborone city.

“In countries like Ghana, when a tribe gives its land for development as did Batlokwa, it is entitled to royalties. You should speak about the issue when you get to parliament honorable Segokgo,” he said.

Moatlhodi also advised the UDC leadership not to disappoint the electorates as they are banking on opposition for the betterment of their livelihood.

“If you are known to be fighters who fight over leadership positions, make sure you stop and are known to be cooperative leaders. Be determined to unite and lead as one team,” he said.


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