Saturday, July 2, 2022

Modubule gives BNF an ultimatum!

Nehemiah Modubule has given the Botswana National Front (BNF) until next month to decide whether they are admitting him back or not.

Modubule, who made history last year by becoming the first independent candidate to win a parliamentary seat in Botswana, told The Telegraph that if he is not admitted by then, he will consider joining other political parties.

He has written his former party requesting readmission, but said he had not yet received a response.
He said he was disappointed that it has still not happened.

”I am very disappointed that they have not responded to my request up to now after I long made the application,” he said.

The BNF is to hold a Congress next month.

The Congress is the highest decision making body, hence it is Modubule’s last hope.
Although they have not responded to Modubule, it is known that Botswana National Front Central Committee recently met and considered applications for readmissions from former members who were expelled for various reasons.

Modubule said he had hoped that his application would also be considered.

Sadly for him, he said if he was considered, he still does not know what the results are, a situation he says has brought him to suspect the BNF leadership no longer wants him amongst its fold.

Facing such a situation, he said, makes him think that it is better to wait for the July congress by which time if nothing happens in his favour, he would have no alternative but to consult his constituency and plan the way forward.

Asked if any party had approached him yet, Modubule said that both the newly formed Botswana Movement for Democracy and the Botswana Congress Party had approached him but that he had told them that he was still waiting for a response from his former party, the BNF.

Asked which party he will join if BNF does not readmit him, Modubule replied:” Let us wait until that time comes.”

BNF Secretary General Mohammed Khan, said the issue of readmissions was still being processed by the party leadership. He said the matter was discussed at the last Central Committee meeting
He said he was definite that all those who had re-applied would be informed of the results in the near future.

Pressed to say what the response would be for senior leaders like Modubule, Khan said that the party leadership has taken a stand that, for it to go forward, all those who were expelled from the party should be allowed back.

He said admitting such people would allow the party a process of re-healing.

Khan said based on such formula he had no doubts that Modubule will be readmitted into the party.
Perhaps as a sign that the party was preparing the ground for reconciliation, recently the BNF withdrew a case it had filed in the High Court where it sought interdiction against Modubule and another former BNF activist, Elmon Tafa.

The BNF wanted Modubule and Tafa barred from using party colours and claiming that they were members of the BNF, since the duo had been expelled.


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