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Moeti Mohwasa (Mr.) Head of Communications ÔÇô UDC

04 July, 2016


Dear sir


I write on behalf of The Telegraph Newspaper.

I have received a joint statement from yourself and a BCP representative, Hon. D. Keoorapetse.

I find this statement disingenuous and in so far as it pertains to The Telegraph potentially insulting because it insinuates a breach and violation of elementary ethics of journalism on our part. Even if you choose to call by any other name, you cannot fairly and honestly deny the man focus of the story by The Telegraph a fact that BCP has sought to be assured of cabinet positions by UDC post 2019.

Additionally, I find it misleading that your statement conveniently shies away from an interview that The Telegraph conducted  with a leading UDC leader Mr T. Kgosikoma. 

Without disclosing our sources it is important for us to point out that The Telegraph is not a part of UDC /BCP midwifery and as such we should not be expected to abdicate our primary responsibility of informing the public.

We take that responsibility seriously.

In this instance our sources had said a section of UDC is disgusted by the behaviour of BCP, in so far as the demands went, and we took it upon ourselves to check the veracity of that claim, which was by the way the focus of our interview with Mr. Kgosikoma.

When all is said, what we find especially more appalling is the UDC/BCP joint statement to create a facade of unity between them not only at the expense of truth but also the reputation of The Telegraph.  

This is unacceptable. And with all due respect, on behalf of The Telegraph and its hardworking journalists I demand an apology from yourself.

Please I hope you give my response to yourself the same seriousness that I attach to your offensive joint statement. 



Spencer Mogapi (Editor/ The Telegraph) 


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