Sunday, June 16, 2024

Mogae applauds Choppies for good governance

Former President Festus Mogae has applauded the decorated Choppies chain storeof sticking to enviable market standards which has even caught the attention of international survey studies.

The renowned South African Professional Management Review recently piled praise of the food chain store for good corporate governance and vision, scooping first prize in the category.

Choppies management will also be accorded a second prize for selling mixed goods at quality and nutritious value whose prices PMR also noticed were affordable.

“We are happy over this, particularly that we are praised and seen by other countries for the good things we do,” Mogae said, officially opening Choppies 71st store at the new North Gate Mall on Thursday.

The Choppies management Chairman indicated the accolades resonated well with the store’s famous catchphrase of “Value for Your Money.”

A 100 percent citizen owned enterprise, Choppies store started from humble beginnings in the mid-eighties as Wayside supermarket in the growing township of Lobatse,only for the store to sprawl across the country as years went by.

The company has since become multinational,with Choppies store littered in the neighbouring Zimbabwe and South Africa.

“I am delighted that we are not the only ones seeing these outstanding improvements but the rest of the region and indeed the entire world,” Mogae added, calling on Choppies management to continue the spirit of good work for the betterment and attraction of their valued customers.

Bringing quality products and services to the people, renowned Choppies Chain Store opened yet another shopping outlet at the newly operational North Gate Mall in a string of successive business ventures the outfit has unveiled to dateacross the country.

Strategically placed along Gaborone-Francistown A1 road, Choppies Hyper North Gate store will cater for neighbouring Broadhurst and Phakalane residents amongst others, who will be spoiled for choice considering the number of similar stores in their vicinity.

“The main aim of Choppies management is to bring market services closer to the people even to small sleepy villages around the country and for such an initiative, I congratulate you,” said Mogae, referring to Choppies management.

He implored investors especially Batswana entrepreneurs to venture into property ownership investment which the management in turn will rent as tenants.

Eventually both parties will share the spoils of the deal.

“I therefore appeal to you to apply for land and build similar facilities to give Choppies business,” Mogae further said, citing the North Gate Mall facility which is privately owned and rented by Choppies store.

Besides creating business opportunities between the stakeholders, the proposal will also assist in jobcreation opportunities especially amongst the vulnerable youth which has become a daunting task for the current government.

Todate over 7000 employees are working for the ever increasing Choppies stores across the country, 200 of whom are disabled persons, making Choppies the first corporate business to employ people of such a magnitude.

“They (disabled persons) work for themselves and as such make a living,” Mogae saidthanking Choppies management for the noble gesture.

The fourth mega store of its kind in Gaborone, Choppies Hyper North Gate store will open in the morning and close at 10 in the evening.


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