Wednesday, July 17, 2024

MoH to pay nurse lecturers overtime as per Court order

The Deputy Attorney General, Morulaganyi Chamme, says that they are working with relevant authorities in the Ministry of Health in order to comply with a Court order issued by Justice Isaac Lesetedi last year, which ordered that the Institute of Health Sciences nurses lecturers should be paid overtime allowances just like nurses working in hospitals and clinics.

Chamme said that they have always wanted to comply with the order and that is why they had not appealed against the judgment.

“We have always wanted to comply and are working on that as we talk,” he said. “If we did not want to comply, we would have appealed against the judgment.”

Chamme conceded that the case had taken a little too long but added that it was because of the number of cases involved in addition to the number years that had been worked by those the Court had ordered to be paid.

He, however, denied any knowledge of the case having been taken back to Court to demand enforcement of the judgment.

“That is news to me,” he said. “All I know is that we are constantly in touch with the lawyers representing the concerned lecturers about this matter and we have assured them that we are acting on it.”

Meanwhile, the lecturers’ lawyer, Walter David Ditiro, recently confirmed that he had taken the matter back to Court to seek an order to enforce the judgment.

Ditiro said that he had taken the decision after realizing that those responsible were not willing to comply with the court order and because he owes it to his clients to make sure that the Court order is complied with.


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