Sunday, September 25, 2022

Molao faces the axe as pressure group call for his sacking

Junior Minister at the Ministry of Education and Skills Development (MoESD), Fidelis Molao has his job on the line following his implication on the ongoing case in which a 16 year old girl has been molested and impregnated by a councillor in Sebina village. 

Following the incident, a group of Batswana resolved over the weekend to petition President Ian Khama to take immediate action and relieve Molao of his duties as Assistant Minister of Education and Skills Development (MoESD). 

The call follows the leaking of the now infamous Facebook conversation purported to be between Molao and Sebina councillor Kemmonye Amon. 

“We are organising a march to take place this weekend (Saturday 14th)where we will petition the OP and MoESD to take action and relieve Molao of his duties as assistant minister until he clears himself of any involvement in the Facebook conversation,” said one of the organisers Tumy Mohasa. 

The groups says it will also petition the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs as well as the Attorney General’s Chambers.

The petition (a copy of which has been passed to The Telegraph) seeks that President Ian Khama relieve Molao of his position as the Assistant Minister “to allow him to clear his name following the leaked screen munches of a conversation between the Assistant Minister and the Sebina Councilor.” 

The petition states that as citizens they require complete reassurance that the welfare of children will be safeguarded by all officials of the Ministry of Education. “As things stand, with the serious allegations facing him unresolved, we do not have confidence that the Assistant Minister of Education has the best interests of our children at heart.”

The petition calls for a thorough investigation to be launched against the Assistant Minister because should he be found to be a part of the said conversation he may have committed a number of serious crimes including conspiracy to murder; conspiracy to commit abortion; and defeating the ends of justice.

It also calls for the two men to resign from their elected positions as Member of Parliament and Councilor respectively, and work on clearing their names. “We refuse to have community and political leaders whose names have been tainted in this manner and who we cannot trust to lead our nation as our moral compass in this our 50th year of existence.” 

Also forming part of the petition is that investigations be instigated into the alleged sexual abuse of a minor by the Sebina Councilor. It says the investigations should not just be confined to the current reported victim, but should encompass allegations that go back as far as 2013 regarding the same Councilor and an alleged sexual relationship with his 13 year old niece. The reference to the said case is also contained in the Facebook conversation where Amon is told “…the incident with your niece should have taught you something…”

The conversation also suggests that upon the niece falling pregnant the Councilor took the victim to South Africa for an abortion.

“If these reports are true, the full might of the law should even apply on the guardians who are reported to have been in the know all along.” The petition states that failure to acquiesce to their demands would indicate that the state has no interest in protecting children.  “We would be left with no option but to seek legal recourse, including resort to a private prosecution for suspected criminal acts. Otherwise, we would have failed in our primary duty as citizens.” Speaking to The Telegraph on Monday Superintendent Witness Boseja confirmed a case of defilement had been reported to Sebina Police. “We are still investigating the matter.” By the time of going to press the new Facebook page ‘Women and Men Against all Sexual Abuse of Children’ formed under the #IShallNotForget as a response to the allegations had already attracted close to 6,000 likes. The organisers were optimistic about signatures in support of the petition.


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