Monday, November 29, 2021

Molatlhegi worried by expatriates buying land in Botswana

Foreigners should come to the country to rent and hire premises not buy land and own facilities and residence like it is currently prevailing in Botswana.

Member of Parliament for Gaborone South Kagiso Molatlhegi said an alarming rate of foreigners buying land from the residents was disheartening as they in turn rent the facilities and residence at exorbitant prices to the very persons who sold the land and plots in the first place.

“At Block 8 Batswana no longer own land as it has been bought by the Nigerians and Indians,” Molatlhegi said debating Land Policy presented to parliament.

He was referring to his former constituents from Old Naledi who were relocated to Block 8 in Gaborone during the infrastructure developments in Old Naledi location a few years ago.

“The policy should be clear about the foreigners. They should hire and rent not to own land and homes as a requirement. They have their land and homes in their original countries,” Molatlhegi said.

The only ruling party MP in the City of Gaborone, Molatlhegi had hoped such a requirement will be plainly stipulated in the envisaged Land Policy- a development which the Minister of Lands and Housing Prince Maele objected as such a move would be contradictory to Land Act.

Against such a background, Molatlhegi called for the Minister to come and present the Act for amendment in parliament for the good of the ordinary citizen whom he said are gullible.

Maele presented the Land Policy last week. The primary goal he said is to protect and promote land rights of all stakeholders and promote sustainable human settlements.

He admitted there a lot of challenges currently facing land management in the country which include among others numerous transfers and ultimate sale of land.

The proposed Land Policy, Maele said recognized that shelter is a basic need, hence residential land has to be availed to ensure each family is housed.

“While the policy acknowledges that land is a finite resource that may always not be available, it proposes that every Motswana will be eligible to one plot at his or her place in the country,” he said.


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