Sunday, January 29, 2023

Molefhabangwe appointed to local government public accounts committee

Former Member of Parliament for Gaborone West South Robert Molefhabangwe has been appointed to the local authorities public accounts committee (LAPAC). This is despite the fact that he was not in the list of people recommended by the Ministry of Local Government (MLG).

While there are insinuations that Molefhabangwe’s appointment was unprocedural, the ministry of local government insists that his appointment was a prerogative of cabinet.
MLG Public Relations Officer Tigele Mokobi said that no procedure was flouted in Molefhabangwe’s appointment.

“The ministry might make recommendations, but Cabinet still has the final say. The former legislator was appointed on the basis of strengths identified by cabinet,” said Mokobi.
The appointment is for three years, starting November, 2009 until October 2012.

Molefhabangwe also dismissed insinuations that his appointment is a reward for his new membership of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP).
“I should like to highlight that this committee is no different in operation or remuneration from voluntary organizations like Village Development Committees” he said.

For his part, Minister of Local Government, Kentse Rammidi, concurred with Molefhabangwe by mentioning that Members are paid per sitting, adding that their remuneration is public record.

Rammidi also said that Molefhabangwe has an advantage in that he previously served in the Parliamentary Finance and Accounts Committee.

The LAPC’s role is to promote and maintain a high level of accountability for public funds and resources in councils and land boards as required by the Finance and Audit Act.


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