Thursday, May 23, 2024

Molepolole City Demands Reinstatement to Elite league

Football may yet to be played on the pitch post the State of Emergency (SoE) and Covid-19 induced suspension of sport, but on the boardroom table, it is all action as everyone positions him or herself for the new season.

One of the clubs that have now entered the fray is Molepolole City Stars. At the end of the 2019/20, ‘The Cityzens,’ as the team is affectionately called, was among clubs that were docked points for failing to comply with club licensing regulations. The aftermath was that they were eventually relegated to the lower division when the league season was cut short.

The Molepolole based outfit is now demanding reinstatement to the top flight league. Molepolole City Stars was among the teams and have penned a letter of demand for such to the Botswana Football Association (BFA).

In a letter written to the BFA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) through Thabiso Tafila attorneys, the team does not only demand reinstatement but also to be paid what is due to them. “Reinstate our client’s rights to participate in the league or place the matter before the Arbitration Tribunal for a decision on the complaint,” City lawyer, Thabiso Tafila demanded. 

The team earlier on the 17th June 2021 wrote to BFA on the same matter but the team was not satisfied because they believe the BFA is not being fair on them and avoided their issues. They observed that the BFA just gave them a ruling in which Tafic objected the deduction of points.

“We acknowledge receipt of the ruling of arbitration in the Tafic matter. Our client is unhappy with the decision in so far as you want it to apply to our client. There is no known legal principle that requires that a ruling in one matter is a decision in a separate matter. In the circumstances, our client demands that its complaint be determined on its own facts and circumstances. Our client demands to be heard in its cause and right,” Tafila reasoned.  

Recently the BFA pardoned elite clubs that failed club licencing. The teams were given a chance to work towards full compliance. 

“Our client’s position that it was wrong from you to have relegated it finds support in your recent decision to forgive those teams which had reportedly failed the licensing requirements. You may not, at law, treat the teams differently. According to them they sense favouritism and unfair treatment. BFA is given five days to have responded to the demands of Molepolole City,” they demand in the letter dated 22nd September 2021.

According to sources, along with reinstatement, the Cityzens will also be demanding a P150 000 pay out as well as a further P172 000 pay out from the Mascom Top 8 mobilisation money.

With football now headed to the boardroom, this will increase uncertainty over the start of the football season, more especially at elite level.


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