Saturday, May 25, 2024

Molepolole gets a P50 million shopping mall

This week Bakwena broke into ululations as they witnessed the ground-breaking ceremony to mark the commencement of contraction work for the multi million pula shopping complex at the 11 hectare Mafenyatlala site which was guttered by fire three years ago.

The well attended ceremony was performed by the Minister of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism, Kitso Mokaila, in the presence of all Kweneng leaders. In his remarks, the Minister thanked the Kweneng Rural Development Association (KRDA) board for their vision and for having believed in the project. “I want to congratulate Bakwena for having agreed to lease 5 hectares of Mafenyatlala site to Cash Bazaar Holding (CBH) for the purpose of erecting a shopping mall development,” he said.

Mokaila said that the development is going to generate employment and change the landscape of Molepolole. He appealed to them to always work together and not to be against good development such as the proposed one.

The Chairman of the Kweneng District Council, Patrick Manthe, pointed out that developments are like a train which should be boarded on time by those traveling. He urged all Bakwena to participate in the developments aimed at improving their village which he said was lagging behind.

Giving the project overview, the Chairman of KRDA, Shima Monageng, said, “The KRDA board formed a technical task force which negotiated the deal of leasing part of Mafenyatlala plot to CBH.” He stated that the KRDA then accepted the technical task force recommendations to lease the undeveloped plot to CBH for 35 years at a ground rental of P2 million.

According to Monageng, CBH agreed to develop this P50 million shopping mall at their own expense, and they are to use the building for 35 years to recoup their costs. “The reason for leasing this plot to CBH was because KRDA was unable to secure loans to develop the mall. We could not meet the banks’ requirements, such as deposits, fees for market research, environmental impact assessment and fees for architects and engineers,” he explained. Instead of leaving Mafenyatlala plot idling, Monageng said, they found it prudent and expedient to lease the plot to CBH for the envisaged development.

Speaking on behalf of Molepolole MP, Daniel Kwelagobe, Assistant Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Gaotlhaetse Matlhabaphiri, commended KRDA for a well thought project and for having persevered.

“There is no doubt that Bakwena would be excited about this multi million pula project since already KRDA has required job-seekers to register with them for possible employment.”


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