Friday, March 1, 2024

Molepolole Police quell rogue behaviour of Kgari Sechele students

Kgari Sechele senior secondary school came to a standstill when a group of rogue students locked up both the headmaster and his deputy and threw the keys on top of the classroom roof.

However police officers were called in to restore order.

Reports from Molepolole suggest that a group of rogue students held hostage both the principal  and his deputy inside the school storeroom.

It is reported that the alleged ring leader took the keys and threw them on the top of the classroom roof to thwart rescue efforts.    

It is reported that following the incident the students then went on rampage and started disrupting lessons, causing disciplinary problems and anarchy.

It is further reported that as a precautionary, Form V students who have started their final examinations will only be allowed entry into school premises on days when they sit for exams to prevent any disruption of either examination or lessons.

The headmaster and his deputy were later rescued by other students.

Molepololole Police Station Commander Superintendent Tawana Tawana told The Telegraph that members of the Police were called to quell student violence at Kgari Sechele Senior Secondary School after rogue students imprisoned the Headmaster and his Deputy in a storeroom and threw the keys on top of a classroom roof. 

He said police succeeded in maintaining discipline, monitoring and preventing the situation from deteriorating.

He said the police took the troublemakers for questioning.


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