Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Momentum gathers as “Holy Pageant” attracts more sponsors

The drive by civic society and tribal leaders and indeed President Ian Khama to restore moral integrity and to revive the best of Botswana’s cultural values seem assured of a further boost as the Queen Esther International Pageant continues to get more sponsors on their side.

QEI is an alternative pageant (relative to the popular secular based modeling contests) and was founded by a young self confessed Christian lady who previously scooped the Miss Malaika Botswana 2005 crown, namely Vehae Tjiriange.

Those who so far availed their support include Gaborone Sun Hotel and Resort, Gym Active and Eagle Photos as well as Cross Gold Music Distributors to ensure the contestants will not be distracted by any possible limitations from matching the popular non Christian contests.
Lady Vanessa will provide hair and beauty make up while Synovus Consultants have undertaken to enhance cohesion by conducting team building exercises, which will in earnest commence this coming weekend.

Although it is common knowledge that all previous princesses crowned Miss “whoever”, end up purporting to highlight the plight of the underprivileged and the obviously needed backing for ongoing HIV AIDS campaigns.

But beyond the conventional, Tjiriange introduces beauty with a difference. She has come up with a model that has so far no precedence in the world; she calls it, Queen Esther International Beauty Pageant.

“Young people more than any other time need role models who display the fear of God”, qualified Tjiriange. Many young people, according to the soft spoken Beauty, are full of energy, and apparently obsessed with beauty, but they remain vulnerable to the exploits of those who take them for a ride.

However, unlike the ordinary and usual fantasies of money, glamour and fast life that are associated with the Pageants, QEIBP has a different vision. It aims to provide a platform for born again Christian ladies to contest in a pageant that upholds Godly values.


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