Saturday, December 9, 2023

Monument Development Program key to economic diversification

Samuel Rathedi, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism has applauded Botswana National Museum’s Monument Development Program as a key initiative that will complement the tourism sector.

Speaking at the National Museum Day, Rathedi said “as Botswana is intensifying its efforts to diversify the economy from diamond revenue, the tourism sector has been identified as having the greatest potential.”

Rathedi lauded the proactive step that was adopted by the National Museum in requesting for partnership with the business community and Non Governmental Organizations. He also highlighted some of the most vulnerable sites which have great potential for development into vibrant tourism projects that can directly benefit the local communities through employment, restoration of pride and a sense of patriotism.

“The program is essential for sustainable development of monuments as tourism products for economic benefit by communities” he said.

Rathedi added that the tourism sector will be developed to contribute towards the achievement of quality life for all Batswana, which will lead to prosperity for all by 2016.

The National Vision 2016 makes a challenge for devising clear strategies for identification and development of national archaeological and heritage sites and national monuments, and further incites the relevant department to be creative and innovative in the way that these sites are developed for ecotourism purposes.

Rathedi encouraged the Botswana National Museum to continue with its role of advocating for society to continue exhibiting objects from Botswana’s heritage collection, so that tourists and Batswana can appreciate and keep abreast with issues regarding development and social harmony.

He said the Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and Tourism intends to use heritage resources, both cultural and natural, for the betterment of lives for Batswana. He added that Botswana abounds with heritage resources which can be exploited to develop the tourism sector.

Rathedi also encouraged museums to reflect on their operational principles of impartiality, authenticity and being advocate of society, as they make museums to be true reflectors of the nation.

“Every tourist who visits Botswana National Museum expects to learn and know what Botswana is all about in fairness and honesty” he said.


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