Monday, March 20, 2023

More fun, more culture at Son of the Soil

Almost like Botswana’s very own costume carnival, the Son of the Soil festival attracts hordes of cultural enthusiasts who usually don their traditional regalia and infuse it with feathers, shells, leather and different African prints…the result of which is a captivating fashion show that showcases the diversity of Botswana’s traditional attire.

This year’s edition of the cultural festival will be hosted at Serokolwane Lawns between January 29th and 31st. According to one of the organisers, Pontsho Pusoetsile this year’s event will have new, more attractive enhancements aimed at attracting new followers while maintaining the traditional elements that have made it the must-go-to event in Botswana’s annual events calendar.

“Son of the Soil is essentially a participatory event, but there will be a new slot in the afternoon where those who learnt a new cultural skill in the morning can showcase their new found talent,” said Pusoetsile.

In this part of the event the audience will have the opportunity to asses and pick the final winner of the talent show. There will also be a competition for the best dressed individuals which will this year also include children.

“We will set up cultural learning booths throughout the venue for easy one on one interaction with attendants. We will also have a big screen to project what is going on in other parts of the venue as  a way of piquing interest in some of the on-going events,” explained Pusoetsile.

In addition to these new initiatives, this year’s Son of the Soil will have a kiddie’s corner where the little ones will have endless fun under the supervision of trained childminders throughout the day. The children will be kept busy through traditional games that will be aligned to the theme of the event, which aims at celebrating traditional Setswana culture. The festival will also showcase traditional cuisine from across the country and the different types of traditional dances for attendants to experience the vastness and diversity of their culture. On the first night there will be the ‘Metswaisong Evening Chillas’ followed by the main event on Saturday from 8am till midnight, then  Setswana Sunday Jazz is on Sunday from 1200 hrs to 2300 hrs. Entry for Friday and Saturday is P250 for an adults and P100 for children, both days inclusive; while for Sunday entry is P100. A lot of amazing initiatives have been introduced which loyal attendants should enjoy, the rules regarding the clothes however remain the same and strict as ever, denim jeans are still not allowed and only traditional attire will be allowed.


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