Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Morima takes another dig at BNYC

Former executive director of the Botswana National Youth Council, Anthony Morima, despite what appeared to be conciliatory negotiations with the board, and his undertaking to return to his previous office, confirmed on Friday that he is suing the BNYC “because they failed to carry out what we agreed on”.

Morima, suing through Bayford and Associates, says: “I felt there was no need for me to go back but to sue”. Declining to give further details, he says:”I do not think it will be appropriate to do that yet,” he says.

Morima resigned from BNYC two months ago, citing “political interference” in the duties of BNYC. At the height of that alleged interference, they were stopped from conducting political debates between leaders of political parties in Francistown through a phone call from the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Gladys Kokorwe, claims Morima.

BNYC then issued a press release stating that Morima was fired because of his failure to adhere to the rules of the organisation among which was that political debates should be conducted by the Independent electoral Commission and not the BNYC.

The BNYC issued yet another press statement saying that the two parties had reconciled after Kokorwe intervened. The warring parties exchanged apologies.

BNYC Acting Director, Sedi Mokgadi, confirmed that they had received a copy of summons pertaining to the matter served on the Attorney General by Dick Bayford but declined to comment further.


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