Friday, September 30, 2022

Morupule B to operate on full capacity in 2021

The controversial power plant, Morupule B, will only operate at full capacity by the year 2021 thus turning the country into a fully fleshed energy supplier during the same year. 

Acting Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) Chief Executive Officer Nthebe Mothebe told the Parliamentary Committee on Statutory Bodies and Public Enterprises that the plant is still not operating at full capacity, 4 years after the expected date of completion. 

However, the new contractor, according to Mothebe, has identified the root-cause of the problems besieging the plant which first emerged in 2010 at the commissioning stage. 

“The Morupule B plant was not performing to capacity as not all the units were functioning. Of a total of 3 units, one was not functioning to full load with remedial work to be conducted on the boiler tubes identified leaking on a three year contract,”

Mothebe further said that while the old plant – Morupule A is also going through a refurbishment and expected back on-line by November 2017, Morupule B is ratification will only be finished around 2019/20. 

The new contractor is estimated to be paid around P2 billion to rectify the leakages in the boiler tubes

While BPC is footing the bill at the moment, Mothebe indicated the initial contractor will bear the costs once the power plant is fully operational. 

“It will take some time hence we decided to deal with the refurbishment first to avoid unnecessary delays,” he responded questioned over the delay to follow the contractor as soon as possible for compensation.


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