Thursday, July 7, 2022

Morwaeng’s suspension suspended

Molepolole South constituency chairman, Kabo Morwaeng, was given a reprieve by the Botswana Democratic Party central committee when they suspended his unconditional 12 month suspension from the party after he was found guilty of using derogatory language and making unsavory comments.

Morwaeng was hauled before the BDP disciplinary committee after he was quoted in the Botswana Gazette shooting salvos at fellow democrats who were calling for the party not to hold central committee elections during next year’s national congress but rather prepare for the general elections.

He was quoted as saying that those who are lobbying for the cancellation of the central committee elections want to take Africa and Botswana back to the days of dictators like the late Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire, Kamuzu Banda of Malawi and Idi Amin of Uganda. “We do not want clones of such pseudo leaders in the BDP. Only dictators will sell the idea that elections breed instability. Competition builds a political party and we cannot suspend democracy,” he was quoted as saying.
Morwaeng also reportedly said that he will not be part of “an emerging group of reactionary elite which propagates undemocratic ideas”.

BDP’s Culture and Publicity sub-committee member, Dr Raphael Dingalo, sponsored the motion calling for the suspension of the central committee elections in order to allow the party to adequately prepare for the 2009 general elections. His motion caused a stir within the BDP, with some supporting him, while others, like Morwaeeng, said that the party should hold elections. Morwaeng would later be quoted shooting salvos at the proponents of the postponement of the elections.

Speaking to The Sunday Standard on Friday, BDP Executive Secretary Comma Serema said that Morwaeng‘s suspension was suspended because he had shown remorse and pleaded guilty to the charges laid against him.

Morwaeng has on numerous occasions earned himself the wrath of the central committee as he has in the past been reprimanded for using vulgar language against Molepolole South primary election candidate Shima Monagenag.

Recently, the BDP also reversed an earlier decision to recall Tonota South MP Pono Moatlhodi after he refused to abide by the decisions of the party parliamentary caucus and slammed government’s decision to militarize the public service. They have now suspended Morwaeng’s 12 month suspension. Asked if the BDP central committee is setting a bad precedent by reneging on their earlier decisions, Serema said that they always look at mitigating factors before they reverse their decisions. He added that they considered the fact that Morwaeng had pleaded guilty to the offence and that he had written an apology. He also said that Morwaeng’s suspension has been lifted on condition that he does not commit a similar offence within the twelve month period of suspension failing which the suspension will be affected. Serema also said that the BDP has in the past stood by their decision to expel or suspend party members citing a number of examples among them Kefentse Mzwinila, Victor Malete and others.


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