Monday, July 15, 2024

Mosienyane is new BOCCIM president

Lekwalo Leta Mosienyane is the new President of the Botswana Confederation of Commerce, Industry and Manpower (BOCCIM) after defeating the outgoing BOCCIM president Alex Monchusi.
At least 185 BOCCIM affiliates voted Mosienyane while Monchusi got 69 votes at the BOCCIM Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Thursday in Gaborone.
Monchusi’s term ended just before going for the elections and has served the organization for a term of two years. Mosienyane is also expected to serve BOCCIM for two years as its President.
Gobusamang Keebine was elected Vice President for south that and he was unopposed. Palalani Moitlhobogi got 160 votes against Sedie Rankhudu’s 93 votes who was the only female candidate.
In his acceptance speech, Mosienyane pointed out that he would focus on issues ranging from privatization, economic empowerment and business reforms. He added that in the short term, he intends to reposition BOCCIM as an apex private sector body in Botswana to deal with specific sectoral issues at micro economic level.
“The review of the BOCCIM constitution to align it with modern requirements of an organization such as BOCCIM is key, as well as review of strategic plan to make the organization more effective,” said Mosienyane.
He emphasized that he will work on the development of an appropriate corporate governance structure that will ensure that BOCCIM management, comprising council adheres to the best practices for an organization of its nature.
“We also have a very strong relationship with development of partners in the country and we will build on the relationship for the growth of our economy. I will also enhance operational capacity to carry out research and outreach to increase its effectiveness as a partner to government,” said Mosienyane.
In his farewell remarks, Monchusi made some recommendations for BOCCIM saying going forward the organisation should consider forming a separate board of directors, with properly vetted board members to deal with management and corporate governance issues.
He also recommended commissioning a forensic audit to look into the affairs of BOCCIM.
“This is necessary if we are to fully address the problems within BOCCIM on a sustainable manner,” said Monchusi.
He emphasized that a set of measures need to be put in place immediately to bring the running of BOCCIM back under control, and to ensure that the incoming president has the authority clearly defined.


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