Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Mossad/DIS linked to Khama’s War Room

Scores of Israeli consultants with links to the Israeli spy outfit Mossad and a few trusted Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) insiders will spend much of the next few weeks holed up behind a door labeled “War Room” at the party headquarters in a bit to ensure that President Lt Gen Ian Khama wins a second term in office. Personalities close to President Khama’s war room provides a fascinating insight into the possible collaboration between Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) and their Israeli counterparts Mossad in helping to power the BDP campaign and PR strategy.

Contrary to earlier reports that the BDP had engaged Israeli company ÔÇô Nikuv, the Israeli group inside Khama’s War Room, Timor Consultancy is headed by Adi Temor who first made international headlines as second in command at GCS International which was branded a Mossad front by the Romanian media during the 2012 Romanian election campaign. Timor personally worked with President Traian Basescu of Romania during the campaign, alongside GCS Chief Executive Officer Tal Silberstein reported to be a Mossad agent. The duo has worked with some of the world’s top political leaders, including Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev of Bulgaria, Prime Minister Ji?├¡ Paroubek of Czech Republic, and Chancellor Werner Faymann of Austria. Before joining GCS, Adi served for over five years as a Foreign Service Officer based in Washington DC. Mossad has been known to use diplomatic positions as cover for its international agents. The largest department of the Mossad is Collections, tasked with many aspects of conducting espionage overseas. Employees in the Collections Department operate under a variety of covers, including diplomatic.

Among the company’s international affiliates is Jewish American power broker and PR expert Arthur Finkelstein who was called in by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to defend Mossad following a disastrous bid by Israeli agents to murder Khaled Meshaal, political leader of the Palestinian Islamic group, Hamas in 1997. A lot of eyebrows were raised that the Israeli Prime Minister may have shared classified Mossad information with Finkelstein. The Jewish American is however a trusted friend of Mossad and was granted exclusive interview with Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan in 2012 when he returned to Israel from Belarus where he underwent a liver transplant. Adi Timor who leads the BDP “war room” left GCS consulting in 20 12 to set up Timor Consulting, she is however understood to have kept GCS as her international affiliates.

The Israeli company, Timor Consulting is reported to have been recruited for the BDP through the DISS who have close ties with Mossad. DISS agents were trained by Mossad and they hosted Mossad agents at DISS Director General’s private residence in Sentlhane Farms when the Israeli spies relocated from South Africa to set up in Botswana.


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