Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Moswaane proposes 13th cheque for civil servants

Member of Parliament for Francistown West Ignatius Moswaane has proposed bonus payments for civil servants.

Responding to Finance Minister Kenneth Matambo’s budget speech, the maverick Francistown legislator proposed that if government cannot afford to increase civil servants salaries by at least 10 percent then it should consider introducing a 13th cheque for civil servants.

“Since our economy is not doing well, the first option is 10 percent minimum salary increment, second option four percent salary increment annually for the next four years and government should introduce a 13th cheque,” he said.

Moswaane called on government to negotiate with public service unions in good faith.

Moswaane also urged government to improve and safeguard its relationship with its employees.

“Government should send a clear message to the employer (DPSM) to always make informed decisions when dealing with matters relating to the public service. The Government has lost a lot of cases relating to the public services when brought before court,” he said.

According to Moswaane, the reason why government keeps losing cases against civil servants is because someone is sleeping on the job or is attempting to sideline civil servants.

He said there is need for the executive to monitor and ensure that the relationship between DPSM and civil servants is a cordial. Moswaane said this would ensure that Botswana Government’s reputation is not brought into disrepute.

His other proposal is that government should downsize the public service by offering attractive exit packages for elderly civil servants. He said the minimum wage for all government employees should be increased to P3500.

Moswaane took a swipe at the Ministry of Labour and Home Affairs accusing it of scaring away investors. He said the country’s vetting process is not transparent as potential investors are not given reasons why their applications are rejected. Moswaane said there was need to set up a body that will provide oversight to security organs that conduct vetting of potential investors.

Moswaane proposed that allocation of plots in rural areas should be the mandate of traditional leaders.

The MP also criticised leader of opposition Duma Boko’s statement that the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) is on the brink of losing state power. He dismissed the suggestion that the BDP is good as dead saying the ruling party is going to deliver on its promises and rule the next coming 50 years.

Moswaane said Boko was misleading the nation in his response to Matambo’s budget speech when he said BDP government does not have the interest of the underprivileged at heart.

He said BDP government has delivered on its promises as some of the poverty eradication programs that were introduced by President Ian Khama have brought the desired results and the beneficiaries now live dignified lives.


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