Sunday, October 1, 2023

Moswaane speaks in parables ahead of the Philip Matante by election

Member of Parliament for Francistown West Ignatius Moswaane classified Botswana Democratic Party Campaigns at Philip Matante ward in Francistown as sensitive.

Although he did not want to explain any further he said at this point in time, the BDP campaign is sensitive and because of that he cannot release the bitter part of it and the sweeter part of it.

“Ka fa go ntseng ka teng mo nakong ya gompieno go tshwana fela go beilwe botsetse gotwe banna ga ba tsene, (you could liken the sensitivity of the campaign to a situation in which a woman is in birth confinement and men’s entry is restricted) said Moswaane.

Moswaane is expected to release a statement immediately after the by election this coming weekend  explaining the “bitter and sweeter” part of Philip Matante campaigns. In his statement he is also expected to address alleged fist fights between him and the Francistown South branch chairperson, Ford Moiteela. 

The statement will be released on Monday after the by election.

“I will explain why the campaign was sensitive and I will also explain what was needed and what was not needed during the campaign,” said Moswaane.

Moswaane said as a representative of the people and also as a Member of Parliament, his priority at the moment is to make sure that Botswana Democratic Party wins Philip Matante ward. 

“I don’t want to give opposition any chance to win this by election. If I explain to you right now because I am happy or because I am sad I might divulge our secret. This is classified information. I cannot talk about the challenges and the sensitivity part of the campaign now because opposition might use that against us,” he said.

Despite matters of sensitivity about the campaign Moswaane is confident that the BDP is winning Philip Matante ward this coming weekend. 

He said Umbrella for Democratic Change’s failure in releasing Gomolemo Motswaledi report will make their journey in winning the ward easier. 

“It is going well for us in the area and we believe that we will win the area. The electorate belongs to us; they only voted for Umbrella for Democratic Change in the previous general election because they were told Motswaledi was killed. Now that the UDC is failing to release the report our voters will have to come back home,” said Moswaane.  


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