Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Mothibe, Sekai, Segale to be interdicted

Some members of Bakgatla royals who are on government pay roll will be interdicted from their duties sometime next month.

This follows after the Directorate of Public Prosecution (DPP) had officially written to the ministry of Local Government that they have formally criminally charged three members of Bakgatla royals who are co accused in both the floggings and the distraction of the Mascom tower in Mochudi.

The accused include the president of the Customary Court of Appeal, Mothibe Lenchwe, the deputy paramount chief, Bana Sekai Lenchwe, and Segale Lenchwe are expected to be suspended from duty sometime next month after the ministry gave them their letters of interdiction.

The three will be on full salary until the completion of the case that will either prove them guilty or not.

Information passed to Sunday Standard suggests that Mothibe and other co-accused persons may turn to be state witnesses.

It is understood that Kgosi Kgafela is not on good terms with Mothibe, who, in turn, does not view Kgafela’s leadership style positively.

Speaking to Sunday Standard, the deputy director of Tribal Administration, Tumelo Sebogo, said, “The reason we did not rush to interdict them is because of the fact that we have not been formally informed by the DPP.”

He said, procedurally, once the DPP has formally informed the ministry about their criminal charges, the three will be suspended from duty until they finilise their case.

“While they are on suspension, the minister will appoint the acting customary court of appeal; as for Kgosi Sekai and Segale, the paramount chief of Bakgatla will make his own choice and the minister will then act according to the recommended names.”

Asked who will be appointed as the acting president of the Customary Court of Appeal, he replied: “I am unable to respond to the question because the minister is the one who appoints, therefore, he will announce the person who will be acting at the appropriate time and the public will be informed about that.”

Sebogo said Kgosi Kgafela is not on government pay roll therefore he cannot be interdicted except for those three who are on government pay roll.

Meanwhile, the Mascom Tower trial is scheduled to resume on the 26, 27, and 28 of July this year.

Mothibe was appointed after Kgosi Kweana was convicted of stock theft for which he is serving a prison sentence.


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