Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Motlogelwa denies eyeing Letshwiti’s seat

Botswana Football Association (BFA) 2nd Vice President Marshlow Motlogelwa has brushed aside allegations that he has set his sights on replacing MaClean Letshwiti as the association president.

Rumours have been rife that the BFA 2nd VP is manoeuvring his way to the usurping BFA presidency and has targeted the upcoming BFA general assembly slated for this August as a time to take over. With the BFA allegedly still dodged by internal infightings and lack of trust, Motlogelwa is alleged to be ready to capitalise on the chaos to take over.

Insiders told Sunday Standard that Letshwiti’s days at the helm of the BFA are numbered as rumours are flying thick and fast that delegates at the upcoming BFA general assembly are lobbying for a motion of no confidence against him.

The move to oust Letshwiti is allegedly said to be driven by disgruntled members pointing that the BFA is stagnant with no signs of growth since the baton exchange in 2016.

‘’There is just lack of trust amongst leaders at the BFA as some decisions are not examined before acting. Some of the decisions taken at the BFA have not gone down well with some in the executive committee,” a source revealed.

“The sacking of former BFA Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kitso Kemoeng and the introduction of Ookeditse Malesu, who was relieved of his duties a few months into the post are some of the decisions that have brushed some in the executive committee the wrong way. Mobilisation is ongoing to topple Letshwiti so that Motlogelwa steps in,” the source added.

The coup d’├®tat is also rumoured to be influenced by the ongoing restructuring process and lack of support for women football that has struggled over the years. ‘’Regions are worried by lack of funds in women football and believe that the share was diverted to the youth development program that is driven by the president,” the source revealed.

Approached for comment, a cagey Motlogelwa said that he is a determined sports person and will do anything he is assigned and called to do in sports. ‘’There is no truth that I want the Presidency position, I am a sports person and if I am called to do anything with regards to sports, either the BFA presidency or any other club seeking my assistance I will be very much pleased to come on board,” Motlogelwa told Sunday Standard.

He said currently he is focused on his position as Vice President and cannot comment much about the general assembly. ‘’Everyone has a four year term that is running until 2020. We are working on big things. We are cleaning everything at the association and all will be witnessed soon,” said Motlogelwa.


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