Thursday, July 18, 2024

Motswaledi not welcome in the BDP

While the ruling Botswana Democratic Party is busy trying to recruit into its fold leading members of the splinter party, the Botswana Movement for Democracy, President Ian Khama has told his inner circle that Gomolemo Motswaledi will, however, not be welcome back into the BDP.

Motswaledi is BMD leader who, prior to the breakup of the ruling party, had held the position of BDP Secretary General.

He was suspended from that position after challenging party President Ian Khama for unilateral decision making.

The skirmish between the two men ended up at the High Court and ultimately the Court of Appeal, where Motswaledi lost on a technicality with judges saying the President could not be sued.
The BDP is believed to have been in talks with some leading members of the BMD trying to lure them back.

Recently, a group of BMD youth leaders rejoined the BDP.

But Khama’s antipathy to Motswaledi puts paid whatever progress had been made as there are many of the BMD leaders who are known to have made it clear that they would not leave their leader exposed.
Many people have since suspected that Motswaledi’s standoff with Khama emanated from the fact that he provided a clear and imminent challenge to Khama’s succession plan.

The plan entails either Minister Ndelu Seretse or Kitso Mokaila ascending the position of Vice President when the incumbent, Lt. General Mompati Merafhe, retires before taking over the presidency in 2018.

When asked if he was aware that Khama had made it clear that he would not be allowed back into the BDP even as efforts were ongoing to dismantle his party by recruiting some key cadres, Motswaledi casually dismissed it as hearsay which had no basis for discussion since he too was not interested in retracing his steps back to a party that had wrought his political career.

“It will be indignity for me to comment on a rumour that could turn out to be false. Khama is leading his BDP and I am leading my BMD. I do not know what would be the basis for him talking about me and the BMD. I think it’s all a rumour; the indignity accompanying such a rumour I cannot entertain,” said Motswaledi. Wynter Mmolotsi and Tawana Moremi are also not welcome back in the BDP.


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