Sunday, May 26, 2024

Moupo to name three additional members to his Central Committee

This week the Botswana National Front President, Otsweletse Moupo, is expected to name three people who will be additional members of his Central Committee.

Moupo’s advisors are still pondering over whether or not to co-opt some of the names from the vanquished Letshabo faction as one way of bringing back peace and reconciliation in the troubled party.
But there are powerful voices close to Moupo that co-opting people from the Letshabo faction would serve to effectively undermine the outcome of the recent special congress, which Moupo called after he publicly confessed the leadership was paralyzed by internal fights between him and his then deputy Kathleen Letshabo.

At the Congress all of Moupo’s endorsed candidates made it through while Letshabo and her group lost.

“Besides undermining the outcome of the congress, we have been all along criticizing the BDP of forcing unto the people candidates who would have been rejected at the polls. We cannot now be the ones turning around to do the same,” said a BNF insider.
Tensions are still flying high with some of those who lost at the congress threatening to resign.

But Moupo seems confident from the comprehensive margin of his new mandate that at least for now he has the authority and backing of the BNF majority to do as he pleases.


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