Thursday, May 23, 2024

Moyo accused of failing the Tati East Constituency

Botswana Congress Party(BCP) National Organizing Secretary, Vain Mamela has accused Tati East legislator and Botswana Democratic Party(BDP) Chairman Samson Guma Moyo of failing to tackle problems be-devilling the Tati East Constituency.
Speaking during the launch of Maria Kusasa, a Tati East parliamentary candidate, in Tati Siding village last week, Mamela said that ever since Moyo’s tenure as Member of Parliament, he has failed dismally to address problems such as the Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) and poverty in the constituency.
“It is sad to note that voters continue to vote Samson Guma Moyo despite his failure to bring developments in the Tati East Constituency. He has also failed to address the Foot and Mouth Disease, a calamity which has left most farmers in the constituency languishing in poverty. A lot of farmers have been reduced to paupers as their livestock was killed and not replaced. Government is taking years to replace their livestock or compensate them and Moyo is doing nothing about it,” he said.
┬áHe accused Moyo of neglecting the welfare of the constituents saying that he is a self centred individual who only cares about his own wealth. Turning to Moyo’s party, the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Mamela said the party takes the plight of the people in the Tati East Constituency for granted.
“The BDP has turned into a party of crooks and hooligans who are looting the nation of its resources. Botswana will soon be like Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where a politician can be richer than the country. Very soon the North East District will get loans from Samson Guma Moyo,” he said amid laughter from BCP members.
Mamela also took issue with the recent results of the Happiness Planet Index (HPI) survey which places Botswana at 136 out of 146 countries. He said that the results are a sign that Batswana are not happy under the BDP led government. He further condemned the ruling party saying that the wealth of the country is enjoyed by only a few individuals in the party who do not care about the welfare of Batswana.
“Generally, 70 percent of Batswana are living miserably and they are not happy. The only solution is regime change. This can only be achieved if the voters remove the ruling party from power by voting it out of power. Right now President Ian Khama has taken his younger brothers Tshekedi Khama into cabinet and the other brother, Anthony Khama is now a member of the University of Botswana Council. This is a clear sign that Botswana is going into a mess under Khama’s administration because this is nepotism,” he said.
In conclusion Mamela urged Batswana to vote the BCP as it is the only party which has sound policies and the plight of Batswana at heart.


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