Friday, June 21, 2024

Moyo Guma falls under the BURS, DCEC radar

This week the flamboyant businessman and Member of Parliament for Tati East, Samson Moyo Guma found himself in hot soup as a cluster of law enforcement officers from DCEC (Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime) together with those from BURS (Botswana Unified Revenue Services) called him for questioning.

The intention was to seize his luxury car, but upon realizing his unblemished cooperation, the officers allowed him access to his car and instead cautioned him and advised him that they will be asking him to visit them again next week.

Other than his issues with the taxman, Moyo Guma is also sought to account for his dealings with CEDA (Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency), BDC (Botswana Development Corporation) as well as the finances of his multi-million pula cooking oil manufacturing plant in Francistown.

The DCEC is also eager to reopen a past investigation on him that had led to millions of his money being frozen, before it was released to him.

An officer who talked to Sunday Standard said they were disarmed by Moyo Guma’s level of cooperation.

The same officer said while a full assessment is yet to be made it was clear that government was owed in excess of P20 million by Moyo Guma’s various companies.

“The days of political protection are over,” said the officer. “This is only just the beginning and no stone will be left unturned in getting back public money,” he added.

Moyo Guma is a former assistant minister.

He has also previously served as National Chairperson of the Botswana Democratic Party before being he forced to resign by the then president Ian Khama.

Currently he has expressed his interest to become Secretary General of the BDP, campaigning under the auspices of the New Jerusalem faction.

He said it is clear that given what is at stake a search of Moyo Guma’s properties cannot be ruled out.

More similar raids on other public figures are expected in the next few weeks.


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