Wednesday, June 12, 2024

MP joins plea for provision of ARVs to foreign prisoners

Member of Parliament for Kgalagadi north, Phillip Khwae has added his voice to calls being made asking government to reconsider its policy of not giving ARV’s to foreign prisoners and foreigners residing legally in the country.

Making a contribution to Parliament debate this week, Khwae said that it was not enough for the government to only give local citizen prisoners ARV’s whilst denying foreigners as the prisoners interact even sexually which is why foreign prisoners should be given ARVs to avoid a situation where they can affect the citizens.

“I am calling on our government to seriously reconsider its policy on this delicate subject as it affects lives of our citizens in prisons,” he said.

Similarly, on foreigners legally residing in the country, Khwae said that the government should reconsider its policy and give them ARVs as they live among citizens, and some have sexual relations with locals.

On the issue that the government has raised about ARV’s being too expensive to be given to foreigners, Khwae said that if the government feels that way then she should approach donors for assistance as some of them might be willing to help.

“I am sure that there could be donor organisations that can assist in such circumstances. They should be approached,” he stressed.

Recently some Zimbabwean HIV positive prisoners filed a case in the High Court asking the Court to order government to give them ARVs. Foreign prisoners are apparently given all other drugs besides ARVs.


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