Monday, July 22, 2024

MPs in drug abuse and diamond smuggling claims

At least two Members of Parliament (MP) were suspected of smuggling diamonds and abusing hard drugs, this emerged in intelligence files on the interrogation of Zimbabwe-DIS double agent Andrew Sanderson.

While sex orgies among Gaborone’s social elites with links to powerful politicians is only a side show, drug abuse among the country’s politicians and well heeled is the main show.

During an interrogation by the Military Intelligence in September 2009, Sanderson revealed how a sting operation to nab a drug smuggling sitting MP who was also using hard drugs failed. The MP had some diamonds and Sanderson who was a Diamond and Narcotics Squad agent posed as a buyer. The sting operation however fell through because the MP who was a much part of the drug underworld as Sanderson is believed to have broken Sanderson’s cover. He told the Military Intelligence that the MP whose name is known to this publication was “deep in this stuff, in diamonds and drugs.”

Sanderson detailed how the MP was used by a drug dealer who had escaped bail in Europe for smuggling ecstasy as a drug smuggler. He mentioned another MP by name who he said was also addicted to hard drugs.

Sanderson, once a drug user himself boasted of how he handed the DNS more than 70 percent of “major drug suppliers in this town.” The interview provides a peep show into Gaborone’s in to the steamy side of Gaborone’s well heeled socialites. While sex orgies form the backdrop, drugs are the main show. Sanderson talks of socialite involved in regular swing sex parties at an up market Gaborone hotel known to this publication and the Phakalane suburbs.


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