Sunday, March 3, 2024

Much touted Lobatse dairy project struggling to take off

A multimillion pula dairy farming project that was to be the first of its kind in Botswana is likely to go down even before it starts.

Students that had been sent to Florida (USA)  to study dairy farming have had their scholarships terminated.

They are expected back home soon.

Initially, Milk Africa had decided to source the cattle from Florida but that did not materialise due to insufficient stock feed in Botswana. 

It is also understood that some Batswana students that were sent by Milk Africa to study dairy farming in Florida have decided to return back home before the completion of their studies due to the fact their allowances were cut.

Some students also complained that they were being subjected to hard labour.

Botswana Embassy in America had to intervene in the standoff between the company and the students.

Lobatse Town Clerk Boikhutso Matenge has however dismissed allegations that the project has fallen apart.

“This is totally not true”.

She said project is ongoing and the board of directors has been selected.

“I am really happy about the progress that the company is making”.

She said the council will benefit over P100 000 from the leased land.

“It is true that I am aware that some students that were sent to Florida in United States of America to study dairy farming are likely to return back home before time”.

She said as the council they do not have enough information about their return.

A director of Milk Africa is expected to give the full information about the issue sometime next week.


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