Monday, May 27, 2024

Multi-million pula Maratadiba-Modipane road tender to be re-adjudicated

Deputy South East District Council Secretary, Patricia Kgari, says that they are going to adjudicate again over the P48, 762,876 Maratadiba- Modipane road tender.

Two weeks ago, Lobatse High Court judge, Gabriel Rwelengera, concluded that proper tendering procedures, involving Tshepho Tile and Letsatsi Investments, had not been followed when the South East District Council awarded the tender to Tshepo Tile, and ordered that such procedures be followed.
Kgari said that they intend to carry out the Court order issued by Rwelengera to the word.

Asked if she did not think it would be fair to award it to Letsatsi Investments as it had been recommended by the consulting engineers of Group Consult, who were supported by the project implementation unit of the Ministry of Local Government, Kgari says that it could be true that the tender was won by Letsatsi Investments but that what is important is that there had been an order directing re-adjudication. “Remember there has been an order demanding re-adjudication; we are going to do just that and comply with the order,” she said.

Kgari denied some reports from the Council that there had been some discussions about retendering.

“There could never have been such discussions after the Court order was issued by the High Court. Those reports were simply not true,” she stressed.
Letsatsi Investments, which had been recommended for the tender, was represented by advocate Sydney Pilane.
In his ruling, Rwelengera said that the practice demonstrated by the tender committee councilors in their answering affidavits is adjudged to be irregular and highly prejudicial and that it ought to be strongly discouraged.

He added that the tried and tested safeguards against real or perceived arbitrariness should have been taken by the committee of councilors, in this case to articulate and record reasons why they disagreed with the recommendations of the consulting engineers the council itself had engaged to advise them on what must have been perceived to be a complex and technical task.


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